Biggest Step Competition Ever!


Spanning 5 Continents & 9 countries in under 120 Days!

New York, NY… – World of Step (WOS) celebrates the success of their 2021 International Competition Circuit that brought the world together to celebrate the dance genre of Step. With many countries represented (Peru, Ireland, United States, West Africa, Italy, India, Colombia, Korea and Russia) and four months of heavy competition circuits leading up to WOS Grand Finale. WOS broke a record as the first Step competition / circuit to receive over one-million votes from around the world.

In 2019...

… Covid haltered WOS in-person events, which forced the organizers to implement a digital platform under a tight time constraint for competition season. The new format, start of weekly competitions, lead to a battle week for the winner. This format attracted competitors from around the world, such as, but not limited to, Peru, Venezuela, and West Africa and over 150,000 votes per week. “Once COVID hit we did understand its impact 100%, but we knew the world was ready for us. We immediately hit the ground running and began building remote partnerships around the world.”, says Jessica ‘REMO’ Saul, Founder of Art of Stepping® and World of Step©.

The Making

WOS launched the 2021 International Virtual Competition hosted by their partners in various countries. Performances went head-to-head against the world to win the regional title. The regional competitions included daily Instagram Live interviews in the languages pertaining to the host / performer country, leading up to the week of competition where creative showcases / games were held. Competitions concluded with a ceremony announcing the winners of the competition. The markets and results were:

Almost 250,000 votes were gained during the regional competition and the momentum lead up to the Annual WOSA Convention.

WOS is proud to bring forth an innovative and interactive platform that will change lives and be impactful.

History Made

In May, World of Step continued its digital platform and moved the entire convention virtual with an opening ceremony lead by, Celebrity Choreographer, Chuck Maldonado. The convention consisted of 16 workshops of various styles of Step such as Tap and Drill Team Traditional (United States), Zapateo Peruano (Peru), Irish Stepping (Ireland), Mbalax Step (West Africa) and Haka (New Zealand).

With the same format as regionals, WOS held weekly competitions with votes leading up to the Annual WOSA Artist Awards, the grand finale that celebrates artistic merit & international recognition of excellence in the dance industry as assessed by WOS Professional Judges and the voting membership.


About WOS

WOS, is an educational and interactive platform that provides a focus on the history, impact, culture, language, story, and change-markers of the dance genre of Step around the world. The world was created to celebrate and embrace any art form or style that uses their body as an instrument. Since inception, WOS has celebrated variations of the art form around the world and its influences. Goal of WOS is to embrace each art form similarities for all to share, grow, learn, and celebrate the body as an instrument. WOS is spearheaded by Art of Stepping(r) and The P.L.A.Y.E.R.S. Club Ent.