World of Step

International Governing Body of Step & Body Percussion

Defined as using your Body to create sound!

The art form of step has always been an art form that we believe surpasses all art forms as you use your body to create sound. You become the instrument that helps guide the story line and the choreography. Throughout the many decades there has been many influences on this art form, however we have never had the opportunity to have a world that celebrates its uniqueness while educating the world on what it is.  This is why the World of Step decided to create a space within the dance world to celebrate the innovators, change-makers, and highlight methods of teaching, all to embrace and celebrate the art form of step. Our approach is quite clear: We are a MOVEMENT!

With many countries represented (Peru, Ireland, United States, West Africa, Italy, India, Colombia, Korea and Russia) and four months of heavy competition circuits leading up to WOS Grand Finale. WOS broke a record as the first Step competition / circuit to receive over one-million votes from around the world.


International Membership

World of Step, the recognized governing body of the art form of step & body percussion, recognizes the following associations and federations dedicated to the positive advancement of step as defined as using your body as an instrument to create sound.

Following organizations are hereby recognized as the National Governing Body for the World of Step in America:

United States

Name of Company: Art of Stepping
Address: 2887 Dill Place Bronx, New York 10465
Contact Name and Number: Jessica ‘REMO’ Saul, 347-255-7538
Instagram Handle: @ArtofStepping


Name of Company: Montreal Steppers
Address: 1650 Rue de Madrid, Saint Hubert, Quebec J3Z 1A6, Canada
Contact Name and Number: Kayin Queeley 1-514-572-4008
Instagram Handle: @montrealsteppers 

Dominican Republic- La Federación Dominicana de Paso
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Name of Company: Peru Step
Address: Cocharcas, Bajo, Mz-F, Lt 34 Chorrillos, Lima, Peru
Contact Name and Number: Jordan Marchand
Instagram Handle: @Peru.Step

Puerto Rico- Puerto Rico Step Federation
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico


Following organizations are hereby recognized as the National Governing Body for the World of Step in Africa

Name of Company: Step Lord
Address: Dakar, Senegal, HLM4 1545
Website: TBA
Contact Name and Number: Pape Samba Ndour and +221-77-647-90-57
Instagram Handle:

Following organizations are hereby recognized as the National Governing Body for the World of Step in Asia:


Body Percussion Federation of South Korea
Location: South Korea

India Body Percussion Federation
Location: New Delhi, India

Following organizations are hereby recognized as the National Governing Body for the World of Step in Europe.

Name of Company: Perucolours
Address: c/Jovellanos 15, 1-A Reus, Spain, 43201
Contact Name and Number: Noe Fores, “Mr.Noe”
Instagram Handle: @Percucolours

Irish Stepping Federation
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Italy Federation of Step
Location: Rome, Italy

History of the World of Step

The Making

WOS launched the 2021 International Virtual Competition hosted by their partners in various countries. Performances went head-to-head against the world to win the regional title. The regional competitions included daily Instagram Live interviews in the languages pertaining to the host / performer country, leading up to the week of competition where creative showcases / games were held. Competitions concluded with a ceremony announcing the winners of the competition. 

History Made

In May, World of Step continued its digital platform and moved the entire convention virtual with an opening ceremony lead by, Celebrity Choreographer, Chuck Maldonado. The convention consisted of 16 workshops of various styles of Step such as Tap and Drill Team Traditional (United States), Zapateo Peruano (Peru), Irish Stepping (Ireland), Mbalax Step (West Africa) and Haka (New Zealand).

With the same format as regionals, WOS held weekly competitions with votes leading up to the Annual WOSA Artist Awards, the grand finale that celebrates artistic merit & international recognition of excellence in the dance industry as assessed by WOS Professional Judges and the voting membership.

Birth of the Federation

In 2021, WOS launched coe operating principles and guidelines that would set form the standard of the art form around the world. 

The core fundamentals consisted:

  • Operating Procedures such as Coaches and Performers Creeds
  • Streamline Training format.
  • Structured curriculum created by the Art of Stepping, operated by Remo System, Inc.

All focus on providing positive reinforcement to the art form of step!