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General Membership is our basic membership that is available to parents, athletes, and coaches. This membership comes with member-only newsletters, and special rates on WOS Merchandise, WOS Events and Select Online Courses.

Additional memberships are available for our community:

  • General Membership – Parents & Supporters – $20.00 yearly fee per person
  • Athletes – Amateur & Professional Level – $30.00 yearly fee per person
  • Coaches – Team Coaches or Organization Leads – $30.00 yearly fee per person

Here is your opportunity to learn, grow and become part of the World of Step Community!


1. Recognized as a member of the WOSA Community.

2. Provided a Member ID & Certificate

3. Discount to WOSA events and selected online courses.

4. Professional Training and Development Courses available by industry leaders around the world.


Please see the following requirements below:

General Membership Registration

About World of Step Alliance (WOS)

The World of Step Alliance is an international governing body that champions the dance genre of Step and Body Percussion, celebrating the history, impact, culture, language, story, and changemakers of this unique form of expression. Whether it’s through dance or any other art form that uses the body as an instrument, the alliance is dedicated to sharing, growing, learning, and celebrating this incredible art form. To learn more about WOS and get involved, please visit