Member Nation Application

Member Nation Overview

WOS is a members organization that play a key role in driving forward growth and the development of all disciplines in of the World of Step Alliance on a global level. Currently we offer three (3) levels of membership to the global community while serving  currently 14 member nations spanning four continents – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe. Membership is open to one National Federation per country with that federation having to meet a clear set of criteria in order to be accepted by its peers at the World of Step Alliance Annual Meeting held every summer.

Member Nation Options

Alliance Members shall be bodies which only partially fulfill membership qualifications andshall be the first stage in the membership process. An Alliance Member does not have voting rights and must be in good standing with the World of Step Alliance for a minimum of 1 year before being accepted as an Associate Member. The core principles in which WOSA is looking for are:

  • A Member Nation must reside in the country of their application.
  • A Member Nation must connect with other organizations/individuals in their country to become Professional Athletic Members under their national umbrella which consist of Professional Athletic Individual or Professional Athletic Team/Organization
  • A Member Nation must host WOSA Intensives, and WOS Events in their country.
  • A Member Nation must participate in WOSA Regional Championships hosted in their country.
  • A Member Nation must begin building a competitive team representing their country in WOSA
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Before you apply, check the list of member federation 1st. If there is no representative in your country visit Vice President of Membership and Sport located on the contact field about.

About World of Step Alliance (WOS)

The World of Step Alliance is an international governing body that champions the dance genre of Step and Body Percussion, celebrating the history, impact, culture, language, story, and changemakers of this unique form of expression. Whether it’s through dance or any other art form that uses the body as an instrument, the alliance is dedicated to sharing, growing, learning, and celebrating this incredible art form. To learn more about WOS and get involved, please visit