Official Memorabilia Cards

Be Part of History!

WOS Trading Cards are the official memorabilia and recognition for every performer, choreographer, innovator in the world of step. 

Front side will showcase a picture and the back side will showcase stats & player/team information.

Cards will be created only for the season and will be released for a limited time offer. 

In 2023, we are launching our regional events around the world (USA/Peru/Africa) leading up to the International Convention month with the closure of WOSA, Annual Awards show which will be held in the “capital of the world” NEW YORK CITY on Saturday, June 4!

How does it work?

Must be a registered member of the World of Step Community by performing in any of our regional competitions in person or virtually starting Season 2022.

Once you are registered, WOS representative will contact you to sign you up to create your custom card which will feature your name, country, team information and your stats for the year.

All cards will be given a number of the production to ensure exclusivity of your card.

Every package of cards come with 18 trading cards. You can create cards with yourself only or package of your teammates. Once created, cards will be used for 10% discount at WOS events.

Season 2023 is now...

Here is your chance to be part of history. If you have not already, make sure to register for any of our regional events in person and/or virtual. Once you are registered, we can begin adding you as an official member of the World of Step and create your CUSTOM TRADING CARD!

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We stand by our Members

Our members are artist, performers, choreographers, innovators and changemakers. 

We are the only company that has created an official league of trading cards that will celebrate the individual work that is done by the members of the community. We use extreme caution when creating and producing our memorabilia to ensure authenticity of the inidvidual.