World of Step Media focuses on producing & publishing original content on all styles of STEP, one of the most powerful art forms of communication. Defined by various names, depending what part of the world you are in, STEP has impacted history, culture and lives of individuals. Our line up includes: Inside Step, a talk show delving into the lives of groundbreakers; Master Class, tutorial classes to learn the various styles of step from well-known choreographers; WOS RAW, a docuseries taking you behind the scenes of the most anticipated competition in the world, World of Step; and House of Remo, a docuseries following the life of well-known choreographer Jessica ‘REMO’ Saul, founder of the World of Step and Art of Stepping brands.

Available now on: Roku – Channel: World of Step

Below are the following shows we currently have airing on our network

Inside Step, is an innovative new series that is heavily focused on providing an inside look at individuals who are impacting the art form of step. The talk show is hosted by REMO, founder of the Art of Stepping and World of Step. In a world that is not often covered on mainstream media, INSIDE STEP provides a personal touch of stories and experiences that help viewers understand what makes this art form unique and on the verge of mainstream. 

Master Class, is a series hosted by WOS Media that focuses on introducing the world to various styles of step, from traditional style to body percussion. Join us on the road to learn how the art form of step can break barriers and create change.

WOS RAW, is a docuseries defined by its name, RAW.  Watch how competitors handle the pressure on and off stage to compete for the top prize in their region as they compete at the largest International Step Competition around the world.

House of Remo, is a docuseries following the life of one of the most impactful leaders in step, Jessica ‘REMO’ Saul, Founder of the Art of Stepping, The Lab – Step Studio, World of Step (International Community dedicated to Step) and creator of the Remo System, a written language of step. REMO will take you behind the scenes in her life as she tries to balance family and work after almost being destroyed in her business by the Covid-19 pandemic. Will she make it or not? Tune in to find out. 

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