WOS Alliance

Bringing leaders of the community together for a better tomorro


  • Members undergo a Professional Development training to help build their brands.
  • Members will undergo Event Planning Production to help produce their own production showcase.
  • Members will be able to invest and build theirs markets to ensure organizational success.


  •  Short Term Goal – All members are expected to learn the operations of the World of Step internally and externally.
  • Long Term – All members are expected to host their own regional qualifier in less than 3 years.


  • Members must attend all alliance meetings.
  • Members must have an active team to compete and all regional qualifer in their market.
  • Members must participate along with company members in all qualifiers in their area.

Member Alliance as of 2023

DA brand is a dance group that was founded in 2014 by mother daughter duo Michelle Pinto and Chanell Arroyo in the Bronx,Ny. Da Brand started out as a side job for mother Michelle Pinto, wanting to create a dance environment her daughter Chanell Arroyo can be in full control of. Chanell has been dancing since she was 3 and now in her early twenties she’s using  use her passion for dance as an outlet to bring the youth together and do something progressive. “B.R.A.N.D” stands for Born, Raised, As, Natural, Dancers and stays in the back of their mind every time they hit the dance floor. Da brand makes sure that they’re not only fully expressing themselves, but using their talent to inspire their community as well.


Players Club was established in 1996 by Edward L. Nelson. While attending Monsignor Scanlan Highschool, 30 young men and women came together under the leadership of Mr. Nelson, one of the greatest step teams in history. Immediately after the team was created, The Players won 20 out of 22 championships in a time span of two years. During their sudden rise in popularity, Players began an outreach to the community to save lives of students and struggling teens. In this process, the definition of Players was born. Participating in the lives among youth to educate and restore society. In the process of becoming one of the best step teams in the world, Players have accomplished community goals.

Memphis Omega Lamplighters

“The Boss’d Up Step Company, founded in February 2022 by Kemian Fry, is an outlet for youth and young adults to be able to express themselves in a positive manner, while learning to effectively deal with everyday life.  We take the idea of ‘moving like a boss’ both figuratively and literally, and apply the principles given through step and dance to our everyday lives in order to be successful both on and off the dance floor.  We are an organization built to groom leaders, both on and off stage.  Focusing on the dance genres of step, hip hip, and majorette, our program is geared toward providing avenues for artistic expression and creative freedom through dance genres representing a diversity of cultures and styles.

The Boss’d Up Step Company is extremely competitive, and teaches the art of stepping using an internationally ranked step curriculum.  We pride ourselves on hard work, consistency, and dedication while instilling leadership, integrity, and discipline.”


Art of Stepping known as AOS, was founded by Jessica “aka Remo” Saul which is a Latina entrepreneur who founded the Art of Stepping® and the World of Step. Before her startup career, Remo was a creative services consultant with Latina Media Ventures. Remo attended Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx, graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from SUNY Albany.

Remo is a renowned choreographer well-known for the Stepping genre of dance and the Remo System©The FIRST ever written language & curriculum applied to dance through the use of animation, digital content & mathematical formulas. 

Her work on the Remo System© earned her Presidential Awards under President Barack Obama in Fitness, Nutrition & Sports and Hispanic Educational Excellence. The Remo System© has been licensed to those in the education, sports and fitness industries as well as implemented by Remo herself in STEAM afterschool programs across the U.S. and overseas. 

Remo’s work and brand(s) have been broadcast by notable networks including, but not limited to, Fox News Latino, MTV True Life: I’m a Stepper, Univision-Accesso Total, Despierta America, Latina Magazine and Famous Footwear.